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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Music in Me

Last week we met some friends and we were together for a couple of days. They stayed with us and our kids really had some good times with their kids. Then we decided to go to another place because it's summer time and Hatyai is very hot during those days. We went to a cooler place known as Suansat. It's a garden park with lots of trees and a small lake. Our friend had a baby and everytime he saw me he wanted to come especially when he's about to sleep. I usually sing lullaby to the baby and everytime he's with me, I will sing and slowly he will go to sleep. But before he sleeps, he would look at me as if he wants to say something, then he will sleep. That's what I do to my kids when they were small to make them feel asleep. Sometimes, I will compose a song especially for them. And everytime they hear the song, they will gradually fall asleep. I love to sing especially during weddings, birthdays or any occasions that I can be of help in the singing. Sometimes I will volunteer or sometimes though my friends would ask me to sing for them. What a privilege for me to share in my own special way, the love of God through singing. I love it and enjoy doing it!



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