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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Community Work

Doing community work is somewhat tiring but encouraging. This is what we did today. We traveled for 1hour and a half from our city. We went to a far community, gathered children and taught them how to sing songs, and speak English as well.Some of our friends came with us, there were 11 of us and we found many children near the seashore. There you could see simple people with a big heart for their family and work hard in order to survive for a day. They are the people of the sea, preparing their nets to cast and catch fish. We gathered the children, at first, many of them were shy but when we started to give something to eat, they started to come. After the singing, some of the team facilitated a couple of games for children to enjoy. The last part was so interesting for the mothers because we also prepared some clothes for all ages to take home. Seeing them taking one toy and clothes at a time make our hearts glad and there's a feeling of fulfillment inside. It's nice to see them enjoying, especially the mothers...Helping people in the village is something we always treasure and seeing them grow and learn more... These children are really needy and always longing for people to help! Blessings from above be upon them...



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